F2.8, 5s, ISO1600


I was in bed when I noticed a post on our local FB page that a bit of bio-luminescence had been spotted in our area so I jumped out of bed, woke our 8 year old, and off we went hunting for it - this was at midnight!!

We found a little and after an hour or so the little guy was tired so we decided to call it a night. Once home and climbing back into bed, I noticed another post from earlier with someone saying they saw bio-luminescence at another beach so, me being me, I jumped out of bed again and this time headed out on my own - it was 1:30 in the morning by now!

When I got there I noticed a little directly in front of me on the beach but as Murphy would have it, as I set up my camera up, it started fading and then disappeared completely. I decided to call it a night (again) and started walking to the car. As I was virtually at the car, I saw a blue
flicker up against the cliffs out of the corner of my eye so I decided to head across for one more look! It was
so bright I could see it going off but only on certain waves!!

I had to get pretty wet wading in knee deep water, in the pitch dark, trying to get to the spot at high tide but I was going to try capture this no matter what!! It was very sporadic and trying to capture it proved very difficult - for me anyway! However, this was a big
highlight in my short photographic career and I suspect a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In all the time I was there the bio-luminescence only went off a handful of times. The colour was generated by mother nature - I did not have to disturb the water in any way myself to "activate" the amazing colour!!

By Grant Birley